Power BI

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 is a collection of features and services that allow you to view data, share discoveries, and collaborate in new and intuitive ways. Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 provides an enterprise-wide self-service Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure that includes excel spreadsheets of Excel workbooks, online collaboration, and IT infrastructure in a single complete offering.

Features and services

Power BI is made up of many features and features and works perfectly with Excel. You can use Excel to create interesting content, data models, and views, and then use Power BI to share, collaborate, and extend that information (Excel is not included in Power BI for Office 365). For each feature, other learning content is available that can be viewed by selecting the feature name in the following lists.

Features of Business Intelligence in Self-Service in Excel

These features extend the specific features and functionality of the data in Excel 2013. Some of these features are available in earlier versions, others are new.

  • Power Map: Explore and move geospatial data to a 3D map in Excel
  • Power Query: Identify and define data connections from public data sources and organization level
  • Power Pivot: Create a sophisticated data model directly in Excel
  • Power View: Creates reports and analytic views with interactive data views

Power BI for Office 365

These services extend the self-service Business Intelligence capabilities created in Excel by making them available in a collaborative online environment.

  • Power BI Websites: This feature allows you to share, view, and interact with reports on Power BI sites
  • Power Bi Questions and Answers: Use Natural Language Queries to Find, Explore, and Generate Data Reports
  • Query and Data Management: Share and manage query and data sources and view query usage analysis
  • Windows Store app Power BI: View reports wherever you are, using the Power BI app

IT Infrastructure Services for Power BI

These features enable you to run Power BI within your organization and allow IT professionals to provide, manage, and protect Power BI services.

  • Power BI Provisioning for Office 365: Create a Tenant and Get Power BI for your organization
  • Power BI Administration Interface: Manage your organization’s Power BI infrastructure from a site
  • Data Management Gateway: Connects local data to the cloud in an easy and safe way.