NAV Service – Technical Assistance Management

NAV Service – Technical Assistance Management

NAV SERVICE is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based solution for managing Microsoft Certified Assistance activities through the CfMD program.

Increasingly, the service level of service is one of the substantial added value in a product offering offering and solutions that require after-sales technical support.

Clients represent the true heritage of each company to be safeguarded and enhanced by providing services with the highest degree of customer satisfaction and profitability for the company.

All post-sales activities and all associated support services are part of a comprehensive customer relationship management process. The NAV SERVICE module offers companies the possibility to:

  • Increase the level of service of technical assistance
  • check the profitability of the individual intervention and the contract
  • Speed up the reporting of the operation, even outside
  • Integrate assistance with all other business areas

Specific features

The technical support solution allows you to integrate all the process specific information in order to optimize it and make it more efficient. The specific features are:

  • Customer database of customer articles, periodic maintenance plans by type / model, historical consumption and service and related technical documentation (in any format)
  • Technical details, relative costs and profitability
  • Customer Service / Vendor Customer Price List
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Technical help desk
  • Job order management
  • Scheduling technical activities
  • Monitoring job progress status
  • Customer / Vendor Warranty
  • Assistance flow management to external vendor
  • Spare Parts and Warehouse Warehouse Management (Engine Workshop Vans)

NAV SERVICE MOBILE: App for the management of outsourcing activities to receive job orders and get them real-time activities.