esterno villa Zarri location convegno Assodimi AssonoloOn the 13th of October at Villa Zarri in Bologna took place the 25th National Meeting of Assodimi, the association that brings together the major renters of machinery and equipment for the construction sector.
The theme of the conference was “Hire 4.0: Digitize – Innovate – Change – Communicate”, in full accordance with the NAV RENTAL core. NAV RENTAL is the Microsoft’s software for the rental industry that integrates typical rental processes and technical assistance with all other business areas.
This tool is quick to deploy and easy to use and is designed for industry companies that are growing and ready to seize the opportunities offered by the Microsoft platform’s technological innovations. NAV RENTAL is based on the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV and it uses all of Microsoft’s technology and can be used on all desktop and mobile devices with APP native for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
We would like to thank all the participants who attended the conference and we remind you that you can contact us at +39 011 55 27 411 or email us al for further information about our management solutions.


Convegno Assodimi stand Novus Nav Rental