Mobile application

Mobile Application

The concept of mobility is no longer limited to the distribution of devices to employees. It is rather about developing a mobile strategy that embraces all aspects of your business and changes the way you work. The combination of powerful portable devices and increasingly flexible environments presents new opportunities and new challenges to stay connected with customers and improve employee productivity.

Regardless of your industry or your platform, Novus offers robust mobile business solutions and, allowing employees to speed up decision making, your business can improve your results.

Sales force automation sales force automation in English, also known as SFA, refers to enterprise sales support software.
SFA systems provide communication between the vendor and the operating center, plan and monitor the sales action, assist them in setting up a sales or promotion plan for a given product, and assisting customer order collection by avoiding handling paper, reducing the possibility of human error and speeding up the ordering data at headquarters. They are often used in contexts where sales agents are scattered around the territory (for example door-to-door sales, scientific informants).

For example, a vendor could alert a customer to a new promotion, not knowing that the customer had already spoken with a help colleague about a problem on another product. This is not the time to propose a new offer. SFA systems avoid this type of problem caused by the non-synchrony of the various organs or departments of a company.

Here are the main categories of Mobile Suite:

  • Business Intelligence: (QlickView)
  • Catalog: Digital Catalog for the Multimedia Presentation of a Listed or Other Structured Information (Mattioda)
  • Documentation: Access to a business document system with the ability to interact with documents (Arxivar)
  • Enterprise Social Network: Managing a Social Network Solution for a Closed Group (Employees, Customers, etc.) (Yammer)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Mobile Access and Operations on Corporate Management
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA): ordering, list management, customer management, billing, attempted sales, and so on. (Temovo, Goose)
  • App Management Development: Application Analysis, Development and Maintenance in Multi-OS Implementation Environments (Novus)
  • Work Force Automation (WFA): for the management of mobility personnel such as maintainers, installers, technicians. (Novus)