Logistics solutions

Logistics solutions

With a Wi-Fi portable terminal or a simple barcode reader, you can handle cargo and unloading, stock transfer, packing and picking, all synchronized in real time with your management.

The WMS Mobile Module for Microsoft Dynamics allows you to manage all the logistical aspects of your warehouse on the palm of your hand! With the Wi-Fi portable terminals (or simple bar code readers), you can receive the goods, store them, make inventory, pick up them, and manage their shipment.


WMS Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics: Manage the warehouse on the palm of your hand

Warehouse loading and unloading is done with just a few clicks of your Wi-Fi portable terminal. Reading the barcode of items, stocks, locations, you will get the result you want with the utmost precision and speed.
WMS Mobile is responsible for transmitting the data stored on the mobile device in real time to the business database.

The WMS Mobile module also allows for handheld terminal to handle stock, packing and unpacking operations: an irreplaceable help to execute all warehouse logistics operations with maximum speed and precision.
The inventory of your warehouse, however wide it may be, becomes a quick and accurate operation through the use of a portable terminal with WMS Mobile.

WMS Mobile is compatible with all the most popular portable terminals (Psion, Datalogic, Motorola) that used Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Windows CE operating systems.