This deal aims to strengthen the collaboration between the two companies on Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Horsa SpA acquires a share in the share capital of Novus Sistemi Informativi Srl to further strengthen the existing collaboration between the two companies to bring a joint proposition on Microsoft Dynamics solutions and to become a benchmark in the world of Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

Novus Sistemi Informativi has been involved in more than 15 years of implementing ERP systems and management and departmental solutions for the PMI segment on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Over the years, Novus has gained experience in several product segments, implementing application solutions to support the needs and growth of its customers, and becoming Microsoft Partner for the North West area. In 2008, together with eight other companies located in Italy, Novus founded the Dygroup Consortium, a leading organization within the Microsoft Dynamics Partner ecosystem.
Horsa is one of the most important Italian ICT companies: designs, implements and maintains IT solutions for medium and large companies at national and international level.
As always excellent in ERP, CRM, Business Analytics and Technology, Horsa has recently developed a competence center for Microsoft products as well, creating a truly dedicated business unit. In this business unit, the product offering includes Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 CRM, and Office365.
Horsa has seen substantial growth over the years, following important entrepreneurial choices and strategic acquisitions aimed at expanding territories and high potential sectors; This is the example of the recent Microsoft BU. This approach is reflected in a medium-sized customer portfolio, mostly composed of multinationals or expanding companies for which IT innovation is important and strategic.
Novus and Horsa have chosen to combine efforts to further boost their growth path to Microsoft Dynamics solutions with the goal of creating a new benchmark in the Microsoft Dynamics partner landscape.” said Ferdinando Cozzi, Novus Administrator, “I trust this participation is the continuation and improvement of a synergy already in place for some years in the experience of the Dygroup Consortium“.
Microsoft solutions are at the heart of the Horsa Group’s development strategy” said Domenico Ercolani, Microsoft’s HR Manager, “In this context, Novus’s relationship is central, and for this reason we have decided to strengthen collaboration by launching a process of integration from which we expect great satisfaction.