Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing

The electronic invoice for the Public Administration, also called in Italy “Fattura PA”, is the only type of invoice that is accepted by the Italian Public Administration in accordance with article 21, paragraph 1, of Presidential Decree 633/72 (Financial Act 2008) which, according to legal provisions, must use the Interchange System.

The Fattura PA must be immutable and non-alterable, these are its main features, so you must be able to attest to the date of issue, the authenticity of the source and the integrity of the content.

For these 3 attributes the national and Community regulations provide for:
  • Each file transmitted to the Interchange System must be validated (by the person represented) with a digital signature
  • Using the Electronic Data Interchange System – E.D.I. – provided that the recommendations contained in the EC Directive no. 94/820 / EC of 19/10/2004
  • The file extension must be an .XML, with our special FORM it will be enough to fill in the fields and automatically will generate this file which will be sent via Certified Electronic Mail.

The PA Invoice format, which as such must be in XML format, must provide information that will necessarily be included in the document in accordance with the applicable law; In addition, some information that is essential for proper transmission to the recipient through the Interchange System, that is, a computer system capable of:

  • receive invoices in the form of files with the features of the PA Invoice
  • Check the files received
  • forward invoices to the Recipient Administrations

In addition to the data provided, the format allows you to enter more information on invoice to facilitate computer automation:

  • all the useful information that will make it possible to integrate the document with management systems and / or payment systems necessary for complete dematerialization of the process by converting any paper document to a digital format
  • specific information about who is issuing the invoice, with reference to particular types of goods and services
For more details, you can take a look at the Fattura PA website