Electronic Commerce can be classified into two main categories:
  • Business to business: B2B collects business transactions between businesses.
  • Business to consumer: B2C collects transactions with the final consumer, so on the one hand the company is involved and the other end consumers.

Business to Business includes transactions involving two or more companies as counterparties.

In this case, we also talk about B2B Portals that allow companies to reduce their operating costs and consequently a significant increase in margins.
When it comes to addressing the development of a B2C e-commerce, one must start from a target market analysis, the information structure in the business information system, logistics, payment systems, and all those aspects that are by nature involved in a sales process.

Define the objectives, choose the platform by privileging simplicity and efficiency, opening component development and third-party Add-On, the availability of scalable components, useful in the composition of all those services that allow the publication and management of information that meets the needs of their users, as well as promoting their content on search engines, in social networks.

Our choice involves the development of an e-commerce site directly on an easily manageable platform, characterized by very high standards and extensive international support to ensure its continuous evolution. CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Prestashop today allow many companies to publish their catalogs online, quickly managing online product sales, avoiding large investments in development projects.

For those who want to start an online sales path, we offer complete support in the choice and configuration of the platform. Novus offers e-commerce and content management services, leaving the customer alone to define business strategies.