Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, with the integration of analytics and machine learning, has been designed to optimize manufacturing and supply chain operations to make resource management more efficient and to improve sales and customer experience. To this end, it includes intelligence capabilities, including sentiment and intent analysis, the ability to give leadership scores and business opportunities, product recommendations, and up-sell / cross-sell directions.

Additionally, these intrinsic features can be enriched with additional intelligence apps such as the new Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight, which connects and analyzes data from Microsoft and other CRM, ERP, web, social, and IoT solutions and thanks intelligence tool, offers a 360° view to the customer with automatic suggestions to improve engagement. Designed to enable businesses to benefit from all Power BI, Office 365, Azure, and Cortana Intelligence Suite capabilities, the new Dynamics 365 delivers a flexible growth path with the ability to scale to business needs.

The advantage of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 brings together a unique set of features that can offer your customers a modern and family-based business intelligence experience, detailed information and workflow. A common data model and a consistent application platform also ensure coherence, interoperability and extensibility.

  • Begin with what they need by providing apps that are suited to roles, industries, and activities, enabling customers to grow at their own pace and run the entire cloud business.
  • Get integrated business intelligence capabilities in enterprise applications to ensure the availability of big data, advanced analysis and IoT in predefined processes that proactively favor the achievement of optimum results by employees and customers.
  • Get greater productivity by leveraging full integration with Office 365, enabling interaction between structured process workflow and enterprise applications, and unstructured collaboration and productivity.
  • Prepare for growth through adaptable and flexible applications that allow users to create, modify, and extend processes in real time.
Only Microsoft is able to take full advantage of the wide range of features available in the cloud.