Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Cloud Platform – a growing collection of integrated services for computing, storage, data, networking and apps – that allow you to be faster, more efficient, and save money.

But this is just the beginning. Here is what still offers you Azure …

IaaS + PaaS

Azure is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as the industry leader for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaD) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This advanced combination of managed and unmanaged services allows you to create, deploy, and manage applications as you like, to achieve unmatched productivity.

Ready for hybrid mode

Some cloud service providers ask you to choose between your data center and the public cloud. Not Azure. Its proven hybrid cloud solutions offer you the best of both approaches, expanding your options in the IT field without adding complexity. Thanks to Azure, archiving, backup and retrieval of data becomes more efficient and convenient. Creating suitable applications both for the local environment and the cloud is much

Open and flexible

Azure supports any operating system, language, tool, and framework, from Windows to Linux, from SQL Server to Oracle, from C # to Java. Provides the best of Windows and Linux ecosystems, enabling you to create excellent applications and services for any device.

Always active, always available

You can share the same platform tested by companies and used for Skype, Office 365, Bing, and Xbox. Azure offers a 99.95% availability service contract, 24/7 support, and continuous monitoring of service integrity. That’s why more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies are currently relying on Azure. By streaming live to the online multiplayer online games, our customers are doing great things.

Convenient and scalable

Azure allows fast scaling up or down to answer the question. You will then be able to pay resources based on usage. With the minute-based billing system and commitment to offering similar competitive prices to popular infrastructure services such as computing, archiving, and bandwidth, you’ll always get unbeatable prices for the performance you offer.

Available everywhere

Run on a global network of data centers operated by Microsoft, which is constantly expanding in 19 geographic areas, Azure offers you a wide range of application execution options and to ensure your customers always have excellent performance. Azure is the first multinational cloud provider available in mainland China and is expanding into new geographic areas all over the world.