TeamSystem ACG Enterprise

TeamSystem ACG Enterprise

ACG Enterprise is the result of the ACG Renewal Work of Version 3 by TeamSystem, which has invested in the renowned ACG product to offer IBM Power Platforms (IBM AS400 heirr) a state-of-the-art solution TeamSystem Group development fees.

By entering ACG into the Group, TeamSystem intends to pursue the goal of a high level of satisfaction of all ACG V3 operating customers on AS400 and Power platforms. TeamSystem has relaunched this solution by investing on the product and platform and providing customers with the resources, expertise and technology to deliver a thoroughly refurbished, complete and enriched solution.

The first one involves the integration of ACG V3 procedures into the TeamSystem Team reference platform: Polyedro. To this end, a new graphical interface has been created, designed to make the user interaction more comfortable and effective with the system while maintaining the underlying logic. This does not just mean to provide the product of a new, modern and intuitive interface in use, but to make it really web-based, and will offer new important interactive features to the user:

  • A true portal, common to ACG and all the software of the Group, which provides a range of collaborative applications and tools (master, agenda, etc.) to the user. The consequent possibility of access to a single environment, and at the same time, to all Group procedures, working in an integrated way among them;
  • The second feature lies in the functional and applicative extension of V3s through a new Cognos-based Business Intelligence module that provides data, report and datamart analysis in cost control and sales analysis areas.
Finally, for ACG Version 3, application extensions are available to bring together common experiences and profound knowledge of TeamSystem team business processes.

The application range of the ACG platform version 3 is addressed to three areas:

  • TS Enterprise App Solutions for Business Functions That Need Flexible and Accessible Systems Everywhere with Features such as, among others, the Multimedia Catalog and Remote Order Collection CRM and Business Relationship Management with Customers: Initiatives marketing, business negotiation, after-sales management. Complete document management integrated with management processes including standard replacement storage.