Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the customer relationship management solution that increases sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social, business intelligence and campaign management tools in the cloud, locally, or in a hybrid combination.

Simplifies and enhances customer management

All CRM functionality, collaborative CRM and analytical CRM for all roles and all functional areas are available for companies of all sizes at a very competitive price. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been chosen by 27,000 customers worldwide for 1.7 million users.

Optimize sales processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities. Take advantage of the extremely intuitive interface and features of Microsoft Office to:
  • increase time dedicated to customers,
  • shorten the sales cycle,
  • increase the opportunities closed and have a thorough insight into real-time data


Microsoft Dynamics CRM meets the ever-changing expectations of customers with an effective and flexible solution. Users find family features and an interface that allows them to work in a personal and natural way. This solution enables you to provide additional, timely, and easily usable information to your customer service professionals.


A flexible CRM solution to support your marketing activities and processes, easy to use and designed to meet your business needs. Turn each contact into a sales opportunity and take advantage of the hidden potential of your customer base. With the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can carry out your business more effectively, improve productivity, and gain a full view of your marketing activities.


Managing “Extended Relationships” is an integral part of the success of any kind of organization: employees, suppliers, distributors, sellers, and many other subjects. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be easily customized to cover Extended CRM scenarios and to enhance any kind of relationship, enhance operational excellence, and enhance the overall vision of the extended company.


Outlook Social Connector provides you with basic information about your key contacts as your professional network grows. Like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is integrated directly into your inbox. When you read your e-mails, look at the user panel to see a sender’s photo, his name, and his role. You can access all contact information, including a history of your interactions.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is Microsoft’s new cloud computing service that provides instant access to everywhere, a defined consumption pricing model, and a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA).

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